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  • Fri 22 Sep 2023
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What Are Evouchers And How Do They Work?

voucher, Your one-stop destination for the best online stock management software in Pakistan! Are you tired of the complexities that come with tracking and managing your inventory? Are you looking for a seamless and efficient way to keep tabs on your stock levels, streamline your business operations, and maximize your profits? Look no further, because Evoucher is here to revolutionize the way you manage your inventory. In today's fast-paced business world, maintaining accurate stock records is essential for success.

Whether you run a small retail shop, a thriving e-commerce platform, or a large-scale distribution center, having a robust stock management system is crucial to ensuring your products are always available when your customers need them. At Evoucher, we understand the unique challenges that businesses in Pakistan face when it comes to inventory management. That's why we have developed a state-of-the-art online stock management software tailor-made for Pakistani businesses of all sizes. Our platform is designed to simplify the entire stock management process, from tracking inventory levels and orders to generating insightful reports that can help you make informed business decisions. What sets Evoucher apart from the rest? It's our commitment to providing you with a user-friendly, customizable, and feature-rich stock management solution that can adapt to your specific needs. Our software is designed to be intuitive, so you can get up and running quickly without the need for extensive training.

Advantages of Stock Management software

Streamlined Inventory Control

Efficient online stock management software empowers businesses in Pakistan to maintain real-time control over their inventory. It helps in tracking stock levels, reducing overstocking or understocking, and ensures you have the right products on hand to meet customer demand.

Enhanced Accuracy

With automated stock tracking and reporting, the chances of errors are significantly reduced. This leads to improved accuracy in inventory data, reducing discrepancies, and preventing costly mistakes that can harm your business's bottom line.

Cost Savings

Effective stock management software helps in optimizing stock levels, leading to reduced carrying costs. This means lower storage and holding expenses, ultimately improving your company's profitability

Improved Order Fulfillment

Having real-time visibility into your stock allows for quicker and more accurate order processing. This results in improved customer satisfaction and repeat business in Pakistan, where customer service plays a crucial role

Strategic Decision-Making

Stock management software provides valuable insights through analytics and reports. This data aids in making informed decisions about purchasing, pricing, and sales strategies, helping your business stay competitive

Minimized Stockouts

Avoiding stockouts is crucial for any business. Stock management software can send alerts when stock levels drop below a certain threshold, preventing stockouts and lost sales opportunities

Time Efficiency

Automated stock management reduces the time and effort required for manual tracking and data entry. Employees can focus on more strategic tasks, increasing overall productivity.

Disadvantages of Manual Stock Management

Increased Human Error

One of the most significant disadvantages of manual stock management is its susceptibility to human errors. Even with diligent employees, miscounts, data entry mistakes, and misplaced items can lead to discrepancies in stock levels.

These errors can result in overstocking or understocking of products, both of which have adverse effects on the bottom line. Incorrect stock data can also lead to frustrated customers when items they desire are not available


Manual stock management is undeniably time-consuming. Counting inventory, recording changes, and reconciling stock levels can take hours or even days, depending on the size of the inventory. This extensive time investment not only hampers efficiency but also delays critical business operations, such as restocking, order fulfillment, and decision-making based on stock levels.

Limited Scalability

Manual stock management systems struggle to keep pace with growing businesses. As operations expand, the complexity of tracking inventory manually becomes overwhelming. This can lead to a breakdown in stock control, making it challenging to maintain accurate records and efficiently manage stock across multiple locations or warehouses.


As mentioned earlier, human errors contribute to inaccuracies in stock data. These inaccuracies can have far-reaching consequences for a business. Overestimating stock levels can tie up capital in unnecessary inventory, while underestimating can result in missed sales opportunities and disappointed customers. Inaccurate stock data also impedes effective demand forecasting and planning.

Lack Of Real-Time Data:

Manual systems are intrinsically limited in their ability to provide real-time data. Without access to up-to-the-minute stock information, businesses are at a disadvantage when responding to dynamic market demands. The inability to quickly adjust stock levels or re-order popular items can result in missed sales opportunities and reduced customer satisfaction.

Difficulty In Tracking Trends

Effective inventory management requires the ability to track and analyze trends in stock data. Manual systems lack the analytical capabilities of modern inventory management software. This means businesses may struggle to identify shifts in consumer preferences, track seasonal demand fluctuations, or optimize stock levels based on historical data.

Increased Operational Costs

Inefficiency, human errors, and the need for extensive manual labor contribute to increased operational costs. Businesses spend more on labor to handle manual stock management tasks, correct mistakes, and manage excess or obsolete inventory. These added costs directly impact profitability.

Inventory Shrinkage

Manual systems are vulnerable to inventory shrinkage. Theft, misplacement, and unnoticed damage can all contribute to this problem. The lack of real-time monitoring and security measures make it challenging to detect and prevent inventory shrinkage, which directly impacts profit margins

Prone To Theft And Fraud

The absence of robust security measures in manual stock management systems makes them vulnerable to theft and fraud, whether by employees or external parties. Inventory losses due to theft or fraudulent activities can be substantial and can undermine trust within the organization.


One of the key advantages of using Evoucher is its ability to provide real-time visibility into your stock levels. This feature allows you to keep track of your inventory accurately and make informed decisions regarding restocking, ordering, and managing stock fluctuations. It minimizes the risk of overstocking or understocking, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved profitability.