Cloud Based Accounting Software For Travel Agency

  • Evoucher
  • Mon 18 Dec 2023
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Cloud For Travel Agency Success

Welcome to E Voucher, we'll navigate the transformative landscape of cloud-based accounting software tailored specifically for the dynamic needs of travel agencies. Join us as we unravel the benefits, explore the features, and embark on a journey towards streamlined financial management in the travel industry.


Accounting Module

1:Complete Accounting Module:-
An accounting module, in the context of software applications or systems, refers to a comprehensive and integrated set of functionalities specifically designed to manage financial transactions, record keeping, and reporting for an organization.

Module Key Points:
1: Journal:-
A journal, in accounting, is a sequential record of financial transactions of a business. It is the first step in the accounting process where all transactions, both monetary and non-monetary, are recorded in order of occurrence.

2:Cash Bank:-
Bank refers to the amount of money held in a bank account, which could be a checking account or a savings account.This form of asset is not physical cash but is recorded in the books as a balance that can be withdrawn or used for transactions through checks, electronic transfers, or other banking methods.

Expense, in accounting and finance, refers to the costs incurred or resources consumed in the process of generating revenue or maintaining the operations of an entity.It represents the outflows of assets, typically in the form of money, in exchange for goods, services, or other benefits that contribute to the day-to-day functioning of a business.

4: Forgien Payment & Receiving Vouchers:-
A Foreign Payment Voucher is a document that records the details of a payment made by an entity in a foreign currency. It outlines the amount, currency exchange rate, and other relevant information related to the payment for goods, services, or other financial obligations outside the home country.

Charts Of Accounts

Trial Balanace

A Chart of Accounts is a structured list of all the accounts used by an organization to record financial transactions. It provides a systematic and organized framework that categorizes and classifies various financial activities, assets, liabilities, income, and expenses. Each account in the chart is assigned a unique code or number for identification.

Cash Activity

Daily Report

A Daily Cash Activity Report is a document that provides a detailed summary of all cash-related transactions that occurred within a specific day for a business or organization. It serves as a tool for tracking, monitoring, and reporting the flow of cash in and out of the company on a daily basis. This report plays a crucial role in maintaining transparency, accuracy, and control over cash management.


Day Wise Report

A Day-wise Sales Report is a document that provides a detailed summary of the sales activities for a specific day in a business or retail establishment. This report is instrumental in tracking and analyzing daily sales performance, allowing businesses to make informed decisions, identify trends, and assess the effectiveness of sales strategies on a daily basis.

Foreign Trial Balance

Detailed Trial Balance

A Detailed Trial Balance is a comprehensive listing of all the general ledger accounts and their respective balances at a specific point in time. Unlike a regular trial balance, which may provide only summarized information, a detailed trial balance includes individual account balances, making it a more thorough and granular representation of the financial position of a business.

Air Line wise Sale

BSP Reports

An Airline Wise Sales Report is a document that provides a detailed summary of sales activities specific to different airlines within a travel agency or airline industry context. This report breaks down the sales performance, bookings, and revenue generated for each individual airline represented or partnered with the travel agency.

Vender Ledger Statement

Party Ledger Statement

A Party Ledger Statement is a detailed summary of financial transactions between a business or individual (referred to as the party) and its customers or clients. This statement provides a comprehensive record of all transactions, including purchases, sales, payments received, and payments made, involving a specific party

Multi Invoices

Multiple Invoices

The E voucher software Generates multiple invoices concurrently within a business or financial system is what's meant by creating multi invoices. This feature is commonly utilized in accounting or invoicing software, enabling users to streamline and accelerate the invoicing process by creating numerous invoices simultaneously.


Cloud-Based Accounting Software for Travel Agency by E voucher represents a pivotal shift in financial management, offering a myriad of benefits that propel travel agencies into a realm of efficiency, flexibility, and innovation. By harnessing the power of cloud technology, travel agencies can now streamline their accounting processes, from expense tracking to financial reporting, all while enjoying the accessibility of real-time data and collaboration. The cloud-based solution not only ensures data security but also facilitates scalability, adapting seamlessly to the evolving needs of a dynamic travel industry. In embracing this trans formative tool, travel agencies position themselves at the forefront of financial technology, empowering their teams to focus on what truly matters providing exceptional experiences for their clients